- An open world platformer inspired by the classics -

Get lost in a wide world of precarious platforming that will take you back to a simpler time...


  • A single huge level with many unique areas. Each has their own motif, challenges and music.

  • The Forest, one of many areas in the entire game world

  • Zoom between shrines and fast-travel to new areas if you get stuck.

  • A shrine and a rare gem

  • A checkpoint system that you can use to make the game easy or difficult... take your time and explore or zoom past everything to top the speedrun leaderboards.

  • Checkpoints save your progress, but slow you down

  • 777 coins to find... collect them all for a secret ending, or go for all 5 hidden gems for another ending!

  • Coins, coins everywhere

    Rex: Another Island was developed by shysaursoft and published by Pixeljam.


    Email us with any press or game questions.